Who we are







We have the sharpshooting machinery but to the works of mechanized engraving and. We have several EDM that offer the best ones finishings using this type of technologya, we also have to your disposition milling machines CNC, winches CNC and pantographs.

We maintain an acurate DB for keeping all the information we can to make it as easy as possible for you to repeat projects. From graphic arts to engineering services to practical production techniques, we'll offer you the widest number of choices and our recommendations for the solutions that will most cost-effectively meet your needs.

We can convert most files, including your CAD drawings and picture files for output to engraving. If you don't have files to convert, let us scan original materials or otherwise create files for you. Our more than 800 postscript and truetype fonts include many foreign language characters, music symbols, flags and an entire CAD library of electrical engineering symbols. We can stock and ship parts to meet your needs.

Another strongpoint of our company is the computer science resources that we arrange, as much at level hardware as software, we can deal with the totality files CAD that are used at the moment in the industry. We accepted files autocad, illustrator, corel draw, iges, solid works, proenginner, catia, or dessing resources for fast prototyping like maya, 3D studio...

Nothing of it would serve without the force of our professionals, some of them have a experience of but of 30 years working in the company, the other ones prepared young engineers in the use of the new technologies

Supply in EDM works. Consult our tariffs.

First price, Gold Magnifying glass 2003.